How to Leave Facebook Groups

With the new Facebook layout, there are people who find it difficult to go around accessing the different pages. Even the Events page has changed and you will no longer see birthday alerts unless you click ‘See All’ events. If you had joined a Facebook group by going to your request page and choosing ‘Confirm’ instead of ‘Ignore’, there may come a time that no longer want be part of the group, and this is quite easy to do.

First, log in to Facebook. When it opens, you will land at the ‘Home’ page. On the left side bar of this page, underneath your profile picture and name, you will see ‘News Feed’ in bold letters. From the News Feed list, click on Groups. It will open to a new page. At the center of this page are the Groups which you have joined. Click on the group that you wish to leave and it will open to its ‘Wall’. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and at the utmost left side, there are 3 options, which includes the ‘Leave Group’ choice. Click on this, and you will see a pop-out that says “Remove group membership?” Choose ‘Remove’ and you are done, even if the page still shows the Wall of the group.

If you want check if you are really gone from the group, click on ‘Home’ at the upper right hand of that page, and it will bring you back to the Groups page. Scroll down and you will see that the group you removed is no longer part of the list. Maybe you are not aware that being part of a Facebook group will give the creators complete access to your profile and information. If you want to keep your privacy, to stop getting messages from the group, or for any reason whatsoever, you can follow these simple steps on how to leave a Facebook group.

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