How to Level Up Fast in Facebook Games

Learn how to level up fast in Facebook Games. There are certain strategies that you can use. As with all level up games, there are keys to successful playing so you can gather more coins, have more energy, and dominate the game you like to play.

What are the Facebook games that can use these strategies?

If the game player would benefit from having more neighbors, needs to expand the area, create more tools, these are the games that can use these strategies:

Get as much neighbors as you can.

How to get more neighbors for games such as Mafia Wars 2, Empires and Allies, CityVille, FarmVille, Adventure World, and Ravenskye City?

Send out invites to your friends and use the option to share things from the game to your wall. After you’ve exhausted these resources, you can join the forum of your preferred game to be able to find new gaming friends.

Save any cash for upgrades.

Certain Facebook games start off by giving you cash. This play money should be spent wisely or you might need to buy more playing cash right away. Use the game first for a few times before spending the cash on the vital upgrades. You might be buying extra cash and only to discover that sooner or later, you have lose interest in the game.

Visit your neighbors.

Helping your Facebook friends is like helping yourself. There is usually a first time visit bonus. You will also be given a bonus every time you visit them. You can get additional energy, XP points, coins, and other things by doing certain activities when you visit your neighbors.

Go on quests.

If there is a mission or a battle that is offered to you, take it. You might lose a lot energy along the way but you will surely get more XP and coins. Try to complete each and every quest so you will be able to level up faster in the Facebook game you are playing.

Play the game as often as possible.

Oftentimes, you run out of energy. Instead of buying energy or asking from friends, just leave the game and go back to play again in a few hours. You’ll see that your energy level has been replenished. Playing often is a sure way to level up fast.

Take care of your character.

In games like the Sims Social, you have to ensure that your character is fed, groomed, and has a social life. Sims like to play and if they don’t have fun, you won’t get to balance their personality and get the extra bonus points that come along with it. Pet Society doesn’t fall under this rule because if you don’t bath your pet and keep on feeding it, the poop can be stored in the bathroom or sent to your friends – and you will still be able gain XP.

Sent gifts.

You have to ask for help and sending gifts to an avid player like yourself, you can ensure that you get a lot of the stuff you need. It’s fun to share things and the Facebook game gifts are free. Sharing gifts on a daily basis is a nice way to help your neighbors and get gifts in return.

Buy playing cash and stuff.

Facebook games are created to make money. It’s not just the number of players that the makers are looking for, they want cold hard cash. If you buy playing cash and use it wisely to get what you need, you can have a higher rank than most of your neighbors.

Enjoy playing Facebook games using these strategies. Keep in mind that it is not allowed to create fake accounts in Facebook so you can be your own neighbor and send stuff to yourself. Though that fake account strategy works, it is best to use this article’s recommended ways to level up fast in Facebook games.

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