How to Lower Your Phone Bill

How To Lower Your Phone BillA phone is vital for communication, but there are many instances that the monthly expenses incurred are higher than expected. The amount spent of a phone bill can be drastically lowered. There are many alternative solutions, and a few of them can provide the savings plus a number of other benefits. Here are the ways to lower a phone bill:

  1. Call the toll-free number. Many facilities like car rentals, insurance companies, airlines, and public utilities have a toll-free number.
  2. Check your plan. You may have features that are not really being used such as conference calling. The plan that you have might not be suitable for your needs and it may have too many or too little minutes, plus not enough provision for long distance calls. Study what your needs are and if it necessary, change the plan that you have.
  3. Set limits. One of the main reasons why a phone bill may escalate is because of the heavy usage of children, teenagers, or perhaps even yourself for calls that are not so important. It may be easier to pick up the phone and dial, but maybe the message can be sent instead via text or through the Internet.
  4. Stop texting. If you are using a cell phone, then you may be getting a load of charges from text message use. Either stop or block text messaging on your account all together, or get a plan. Personally I have seen $100 charges in a single month on someone’s bill from just text messaging, this could have been avoided if they had got a text message plan for $4 a month instead of paying $0.10 – 0.40 each message.

If you want to drastically lower your phone bill, or even get to eliminate it altogether, the solution is to use the Internet. There are many ways to communicate over the net, such as VOIP, which voice over internet protocol, chatting, using video chat with voice, and emailing. Sometimes, there might be a delay in response, or the reception may not be too clear, yet, there is still another way to use the net to make it more like a phone.

A USB device called the Magic Jack can be placed into the port of a computer, and a regular telephone will be attached to it. A person can dial on the telephone and get to call long distance. There will be no need to monitor the call as there is no minutes measured. The communication facilitated by this is the same as an ordinary phone, and the cost of setting it up and using it for a year is just about the same as the average monthly phone bill. It is possible to lower a phone bill by using the Internet and calling up via the new phone jack device so you can get to call anyone even if they don’t have Internet.