How to Make Homemade Soda

Soda has always been everyone’s favorite refreshment drink when caught in a hot weather. People would often rush to nearby convenience stores to buy refreshment soda. However there is another way to beat the scorching heat of the summer season in the form of homemade soda.

A homemade soda will not cost you much as compared to buying soda from stores. You can even treat your loved-ones and friends with your homemade soda using the flavor of their choice.

So how do you make a homemade soda? First you need to choose the flavor you want. For flavoring, you can either go for fresh fruit puree, fruit juice, or sodamix flavors in syrup. You can use your favorite fruit flavor or if you want to experiment a little you can try combining different fruit flavors or sodamix flavors to get the most palatable taste. Choosing ready made sodamix flavor to make your homemade soda will make the process easier and faster. There are several sodamix flavors that you can choose from like the regular flavors, diet flavors, sodamix variety packs, sparkling naturals, and sugar free to name some. A regular bottle of sodamix flavor from SoadStream is enough to make 12 liters of homemade soda, and more for their sparkling beverage flavors.

Once you have the fruit flavor, you will need a home soda maker machine. There are a number of portable home soda makers available from SodaStream such as Fountain Jet, Penguin, Crystal, Fizz, and Genesis models. These can be used to make sparkling soda water, which is the main ingredient in sodas. Having a soda maker in your kitchen will let you have a homemade soda in a matter of 30 seconds. With SodaStream’s quick and simple way of making sparkling soda water, a messy and lengthy soda making process is prevented.

Now that you have all you need, you can start extracting the juice from the fruit using a juicer. You can also do it manually however this usually takes time. If you have a puree machine you can puree the fruit for a richer flavor. You can also combine two or more fruits to come up with a different flavor. Make sure that you have peeled and removed the seeds properly before putting the fruits in the puree machine. You need at least a cup of juice flavor for your homemade soda. You can set the juice flavor aside while preparing the sparkling soda water.

If you choose the ready made SodaStream sodamix flavor then the process will be a lot easier. You can use the sodamix flavor right away. You will only need a cap-full of the sodamix flavor to mix with a bottle of sparkling soda water. With the various flavors of sodamix in the market, you can try every soda drink flavor you have in mind.

The next thing that you need to do is to make sparkling soda water, which you can do with a touch of a button with SodaStream. In making a sparkling soda water with a SodaStream machine you need to fill the specially designed carbonating bottle with cold tap water and put it in your home soda maker machine. Press the SodaStream machine button until you hear three “buzz” noises, to carbonate your soda water and release the excess fizz. Within seconds you have your sparkling soda water.

You can now mix the cup of fruit puree, juice, or soda mix flavor into the sparkling soda water. With the cap on the bottle, gently rock the bottle to evenly distribute the flavor and taste it before serving. If you are not yet satisfied with the sweetness, you can add a tad more sodamix flavor or a little sugar, honey, or alternative sweetener until you have achieved the sweetness you prefer. You can then transfer your homemade soda to a serving cup. You can also put a slice of fresh fruit or fresh mint on top of your fruit soda if you want.

Do not be afraid to experiment using a variety of flavors. Trying out a new twist instead of the regular flavor will add fun to your soda treat.

Welcome the summer heat with delight. Enjoy a refreshing homemade soda any time you want.

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  1. SodaStream has an energy drink flavor! Great for saving money on Jägerbombs since you can make your own energy drinks for pennies!

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