How to Make My Own Scrapbook?

How to Make My Own Scrapbook?You can make your own scrapbook and all it takes is just a few materials and a little craftsmanship. It is wonderful to make your own scrapbook to fill up with the mementos or you can make a few to give away to your friends.

The materials that you will need to make your own scrapbook are fabric, construction paper, acid free paper, stickers, cutouts, monogram lettering, glue, vellum tape, photos, and binding ties. When you buy the paper to make your own scrapbook, keep in mind that the standard format is 12 x 12 inches or 8 1/2 x 11 inches but you can make it smaller if you want. This scrapbook project is based on the 8 1/2 x 11 inches as it is easy to buy paper this size.

The scrapbook cover has to be attractive. Cut 4 pieces of fabric into 8 1/2 x 11 inches and glue to the back and front of 2 pieces of construction paper. This will be the album front and back cover. When the glue has dried, punch holes into the left side of the album covers and do the same for the acid free paper.

How to Make My Own Scrapbook?Place the acid free paper in between the fabric album covers and bind together with the use of either ribbon, fabric, twine, or lace. Decorate the front of the scrapbook with cutouts of your initials, a line, or a quote to identify what the theme is, add a photo and stick it onto the front with invisible vellum tape, and add embellishments like buttons and beads. When you start filling up your newly made scrapbook, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Cut the pictures into circles, ovals or round off the squared sides to make it more pleasant to look at. Use invisible vellum tape to stick the pictures and place the tape along the sides of the back so the pictures will not warp over time.
  • Mat the photos by placing a narrow edge of colored paper around the edges. The distinctive cut edges of a frame will make the photo design go well with the other elements on the page.
  • Use Zig glue pens to stick on the materials. This kind of glue is especially made for scrapbooking and other kinds of glue can mess up your project, make the paper bulk up or take a long time to dry.
  • Cover the inside pages with patterned paper to make each page unique. Cut slits into the paper to insert tickets, ribbons, or folded letters or make pockets or envelopes to place in the keepsake items.
  • Add a monogram to the album cover and place page titles on the inside pages.
  • Stamp the pages to decorate them, use metallic ink pens, or cutout sticky paper to add in words, numbers and artistic details to the scrapbook.

How to Make My Own Scrapbook?To cut out the paper, stickers, vinyl, and fabric, you can use a pair of scissors, fancy-edged scissors, a craft knife or a cutting machine. The Cricut Expression is an cutting machine that can make stencils, cutouts, monogram letters and numbers, and art designs on paper, vinyl, fabric, cardstock, chipboard, or plastic up to .7mm in thickness.

All that has to be done is to choose the image of the cutout, pick the size, and the material will be cut perfectly. The sizes that it can cut range from one-fourth inch up to 23 1/2 inches. This cutting machine is portable and does not have to be attached to a computer. It is the perfect scrapbooking tool and can be used to make cards, signs, stencils and to etch glass.

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