How to Make Signs

How to Make SignsIf you need to learn how to make signs for your business or various projects such as a yard sale, to place a safety reminder, to promote a cause, or one to identify ownership, you can create signs by following a few easy steps and achieve professional results.

Making signs can be fun and simple but you need to have the right tools. To make an effective sign that will grab attention, here are the things to do:

1. Decide what you want to write on the sign. Try to limit the number of words that you place but make sure all the details that are needed are in the sign. People only take a quick look at signs and it should have the advertising impact so that it can easily be remembered. Draft out a few lines at first and ask the opinion of other people to see how you can improve your sign. Words like ‘cheap’, ‘great’, or ‘fast’ are effective sales pitches and do place the contact number or address if you want people to respond.

2. Figure out where to place the sign for highest visibility. You can place a sign on the wall, or a post, make a board sign, on a vehicle, or even on your laptop cover. The ideal place for the sign is where the people who need to read it can easily see it. Note that in some areas, you may need to get a permit before placing up a sign.

3. Based on where you will place the design, you can estimate how large it should be. It has to be easy to read from a short distance. How you will it lay it out is also important as some of the letters may not be seen if the sign is placed on a post. When you know the size of the sign, estimate how big the lettering should be.

How to Make SignsNow that you are prepared to make your sign, gather the materials needed. If it is to be placed on a piece of wood, paint the wood with a background color. If it is to be placed on a wall, you may want to also put it on a backboard. If it is to be stuck on a vehicle or a similar surface, prepare the materials for the lettering.

You have 4 options on how to create the lettering for the sign.

Paint it on. This can be done using free hand or tracing on the letters then filling it in. The paint that you will use depends on the surface, whether it is wood, metal, cement, or plastic.

Print out the lettering. Using any printing program, create the design, choose the ‘no borders’ option, and print it out. You can use special type of papers like magnetic printable sheets or sticker paper and cut out the lettering with a craft knife or a sharp pair of scissors before gluing it on.

Buy the lettering. There are vinyl, fabric, wood, and metal lettering that can be purchased from craft or hardware store. These are easy to use and can be placed onto nearly any surface with the use of the adhesive backing or glue.

Cut it out. You can cut out the lettering from the material with the use of either a craft knife, a pair of scissors, or a cutting machine like the Cricut Expression. It cut out the letters, numbers, or art designs and the sizes range from 1/4 inch to 23 and a half inches. The materials it can cut are fabrics, papers, vinyl, cardstock, plastic, or chipboard that measures .7mm in thickness.

How to Make SignsBy simply inserting the material into the cutting machine, selecting the image and size, it will be cutting out any design, no matter how intricate it is. You can make lettering for signs, stencils, cards, and even etched glass.

This cutting machine is portable and does not need to be attached to a computer.

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