How to Make Stencils

How to Make StencilsA stencil is your template and it is used to paint or draw letters, numbers, patterns, or shapes to ensure that each one made is identical. You can use a stencil for decorating walls and other flat surfaces, in craft-making, for graffiti art, and screenprinting. A stencil can be made from paper, cardboard, wood, metal, or plastic sheets. The most popular way to make stencils is to use stencil film but it is possible to use thick transparent sheets. Here are the steps on how to make stencils:

Choose your image. When picking the pattern, make sure that it has high contrast and disconnected parts so that it would be easier to trace.

Trace using a permanent black marker. Place vellum or tracing paper on top of your image, trace the outline and fill in the parts that are going to be cut out.

Place the traced image under the stencil film. Tape all the sides onto a cutting board so it wont move. Trace the image again onto the stencil film.

Cut out the filled areas carefully using a crafting knife. If there are some parts that have to be connected, leave a very small strip to join the parts. Remove carefully from cutting board.

How to Make StencilsThere is an easier way to make stencils. The size can be as small as 1/4 inch or as large as 23 and 1/2 inches when you use a cutting machine called the Cricut Expression. It can create stencils out of paper, cardboard, cardstock, plastic, or stencil film material that measures less than a .7 mm thickness. By selecting the image, choosing the size, the innovative cutting machine will cut out the stencil.

This cutting machine can cut out letterings, numbers, and art designs. It is portable and can be used for decorating, crafting, sign making, and etching glass. It helps you make cut outs and stencils in a jiffy without hardly any effort on your part. You will be able to come out with intricate designs on vinyl or sticker paper.

When you want to cut up fabrics, paper, vinyl, plastic, or cardboard, get professional results by using this cutting machine.

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