How to Measure Your Bra Size

An ill fitting bra can result in a very uncomfortable body, but because your bra size can fluctuate with your weight, nearly four out of every five women isn’t wearing the size bra that they should. In order to look and feel as good as possible, you need a bra that fits well. There are actually a few different ways to measure for the proper bra size, but due to the fact that every woman is shaped differently, you might want to try multiple methods to ensure the best possible result.

The traditional method of measuring your bra size is to take a flexible tape measure and measure under your arms, high on your back and over your breasts while you are wearing a non padded bra. If you’ve got a fraction, round up to a whole number – if the number is even, you’ve got your band size, if the number is odd add one because bras only come in even sizes.

The next step is to take a measurement of the fullest part of your bust and then subtract your band size from this number. If there is one inch difference between the numbers, you’ve got an A cup, two inches is a B, three is a C and so on.

An alternative method is to measure horizontally directly below your breast with a flexible tape measure, then add five to an odd number or four to an even number – this number will be your band size. To determine cup size in this method follow the same steps that you did in the traditional method.

Either method should only take a few minutes at most to complete, so in order to get the most accurate measurement possible, it might be advisable to invest the extra time and measure with both methods to ensure accuracy, so that you end up with the best fitting bra possible.

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