How to Pass a Drug Test

These days drug testing is becoming more and more popular. It is common for a employer to ask for a urine sample to screen for illegal substances before employments, Parole officers will do random drug testing if you are currently on parole or on house arrest, Parents are now using at home drug testing kits to see if there kids are using drugs.

How do you pass a drug test? Well, it really depends on the test and the drug taken. Some drugs take longer than others to exit your system. The most common drug that people are trying to pass THC or marijuana testing which is know to stay in your system from a couple days to a couple of months. There are alot myths on ways to pass a drug test, But the only 100% for sure way of passing all drug test is to stay clean

Tips on Passing A Drug Test

There are a couple of different methods people use to drug test. The most common is by a urinary analysis but other methods include hair sample testing and saliva/oral fluid testing.

When dealing with a urine test you want to make sure that you avoid spiking or trying to mask the urine sample. This is mostly a desperate attempt to throw off the equipment or sample in hoping of for a negative test, this method never or at best very rarely works. Most drug testing can detect masking agents and will come up with a positive test. Drug testing can also determine if are purposely “flushing’ or internally diluting your sample by drinking a lot of excess water. Ingesting too much water can lead to water poisoning and is not safe.

Using a fake or substitute urine sample is another common way of passing a drug test. Using someone else’s clean urine or synthetic sample is a safer more assuring way of trying to pass a drug test. You can buy synthetic urine and a testing kit that usually includes a heating pad and a hose or dispenser online or at most head and glass shops. There are all sorts of effective products to cheat drug tests.

Hair samples can also be used for drug testing, Although harder to mask it is less commonly used for employment or parole use. There are shampoos that claim to get hide or get rid of the metabolites of THC that drug tests look for but are mostly false hopes and wouldn’t risk trusting a shampoo on beating a hair sample drug test since drug test measure the amount of toxins in your hair and not on your hair.

Oral sampling or saliva drug testing is becoming more popular for its quick and inexpensive way of drug testing before employment, at accidents, and other random drug test. The only way of beating this test is trying to beat the procedure in gathering the sample. Instead of swabbing your gums as instructed in a oral drug test , Swab your teeth, and hope that it was good enough to beat the test.

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  1. so i totally got busted a year ago. i was court ordered to an out patient re-hab(on a first offense, class c misdemeanor) i had to do random testing, i so didn’t want to stop my lifestyle. i did a lot of reading on the net and i found a very stupid site, but i was desperate that day bought the e book put the formulas together and passed so now i totally recommend this, but it worked! and yes it is a total violation of privacy so i figure never trust a person who wants to play with your pee to find out what your into, just ask stupid!

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