How to Prevent Bed Bugs

bed bug bitesIf you don’t have a bed bug problem or recently did bed bug pest control methods to get rid of an infestation, you might want to take a few extra steps to prevent bed bugs from becoming your resident evil. This mini-vampires are difficult to spot if there are only a few but you have to be careful as one female bed bug lays at nearly a thousand or more eggs in during her lifespan that averages around a year. There are a number of ways to prevent bed bugs and by doing these methods, you may save yourself from a lot of trouble and misery from painful bed bug bites.

Here’s how to prevent bed bugs:

Wash the beddings, curtains, and any fabric covers of upholstered furniture regularly in hot water. The heat of the water will kill any bed bugs and ensure that your fabric coverings are sanitized.

Vacuum the upholstered furniture well and ensure that any crevices and folds are clean. These small insects are excellent in hiding and can even dive in through the woven fabric if they create a space large enough for them to squeeze in.

Make sure all cracks in the walls, floors, and windows are sealed. Bed bugs don’t regulate themselves and stay in one room, they will try to find a way to infest the whole place. By confining them to one room, you will be able to treat an area at a time and prevent bed bugs from spreading.

Use a fabric or vinyl mattress cover that is specially made to protect it against bed bugs. Take note that if any bed bugs are left inside and sealed in, it might take a year for the bed bugs to die because they can exist for a long period of time without food. There are also specialized pillow encasings that can help prevent bed bugs from making it their habitat.

Lay down sticky traps. Duct tape, sticky paper, and other similar items may be place in strategic locations to be able to prevent bed bugs from crawling up other pieces of upholstered furniture. Duct tape can be places around the legs of a bed or other items and held in place with masking tape.

Treat the area with a natural bed bug repellent. These can be sprayed on areas that might be the ideal home for bed bugs and has to be reapplied periodically to be effective. There are also non-toxic bed bug repellent sprays that can be used while travelling to ensure that you won’t get bitten by bed bugs and your luggage will be protected when you stay in a rented room.

bed bugThere are a couple of new devices that can help you prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. The first one is a portable heating unit that can be used to sanitize small items such as clothing and toys. The second type of bed bug pest control device is the BedBug Out and it is plugged into any outlet for it to be activated and emit a special kind of ultrasonic sound. These sound waves vibrate and the bed bugs which are within range will be adversely affected. These blood suckers will no longer be able to reproduce. When there are no more eggs being laid, you can prevent bed bugs from multiplying and place an end to the future generation of bed bugs in your home.

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