How to Protect Your Internet

How to Protect Your InternetThe Internet can give you access to countless information. It can help you find anything you need. Information is just a click away. But little do we know, along with all the wonders for information, there are also many atrocious and objectionable things that we don’t want to see. Especially if you have children who use the computer, we don’t want them to be exposed to such objectionable things.

There are a few ways to protect your Internet and also prevent lewd photos, videos and profane language from ever being seen by you and your kids:

Do not inadvertently reveal your personal information. If you don’t really wish to share your personal information, don’t. Watch out for strangers or new “friends” who ask for your personal details. The Internet is not a safe place. There are many criminals nowadays that can target you. They can be predators or robbers that want to take advantage of you and your family that is why you have to take steps to protect your Internet. Another way to protect your Internet safety is not to reveal your credit card number unless the site you use is a known and trusted website.

Beware of sites that offer some sort of reward or prize in exchange for your contact information or other personal details. These sites are very sketchy. Usually they alert you that you’ve won a prize or contest you didn’t even join, then to claim your prize they ask for your personal details. Be cautious of these sites because they can be very tempting, but these sites can be a source of identity theft. Identity theft is quite rampant and is one of the main reasons why you should protect your Internet.

Do not reply to spammers for any reason. “Spam” also known as bulk or junk e-mail are just e-mail advertisements sent to tons of random people. These are also sketchy and they usually are scams. Don’t bother replying or sending them anything because it means you are confirming that you have read their message. Just simply delete these kind of e-mails to protect your Internet.

How to Protect Your InternetBe conscious of web security. Be cautious of the contents of the websites you visit. Most importantly, if you are away from your computer, and you can’t watch over your kids you need a software that can protect your Internet for you. The Net Nanny is one of these types of software that can keep your children safe while they surf the Internet. It can mask profanity, block pornography, block websites, filter instant messages, and it can help you monitor what your kids have viewed. Protect your Internet by following these steps and using a software program like the Net Nanny to be assured that you and your family are safe from the dangers that exist on the web.

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