How to Reduce Blood Pressure

Reducing High Blood Pressure

There are several health reasons why a person must reduce their blood pressure and controlling the blood pressure can even save a persons life. Hypertension is another term for elevated blood pressure. Taking medication can help reduce blood pressure levels but it is simply a temporary solution. Blood pressure medication is a vital for hypertensives but an individual with high blood pressure will greatly benefit in the long run by using other ways to reduce blood pressure levels.

High Blood Pressure Treatment

One of the primary reasons why blood pressure gets elevated is because of the lack of proper medication. If the case of hypertension is acute, there is a need to follow faithfully the prescribed treatment of a licensed physician. Most anti-hypertensive medication will effectively lower blood pressure levels. If the person is suffering from high blood pressure levels, managing it on a daily basis, aside from treatment medication, will greatly benefit their over-all health.

Nutritional Diet Program

Thinning the blood to allow it to flow better, as it is common for hypertensive patients to have thicken arterial walls, may be done with the right nutritional program. Doctors usually recommend for their patients to eat the right kind of food to be able to lower their risk of getting elevated blood pressure levels. Combining medication with the right diet program will help people with a serious case of high blood pressure deal with it more effectively. For those who suffer from an occasional rise in blood pressure levels or for prevention of this illness, consuming the right food will help.

The typical diet program is one that is high in fruit and vegetables, low in dairy, and loq in saturated fats. This would give a person the high fiber intake that they need and get rid of the food items that would clog the arteries. Aside from the high fiber and low fat intake, the nutritional diet program should be one that is low in sodium.

There are certain foods and beverage items that can help reduce blood pressure levels by giving the body specific nutrients. Bananas are one of these food items because it is high in potassium, which is generally lacking in the normal intake of a hypertensive. Green tea can help reduce blood pressure because of the presence of an amino acid called theanine and will also help detoxify the body system.

Diuretic food and beverages are also typically integrated into the diet program of hypertensive patient. These kind of items will help flush out excess fluid from the body while detoxifying it. Cucumbers, fennel, artichokes, cabbage, and tomatoes are some of the natural diuretic vegetables. Oatmeal or oat bran is a staple dish and is usually consumed for breakfast.
Healthy Lifestyle

Taking medication if needed and having the right diet program may help reduce blood pressure levels but to further promote good health, there might be the need for some more changes to be made. Regular exercise and eliminating bad habits such as smoking and drinking has been proven to greatly reduce blood pressure levels.

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