How to Reduce Screen Glare

How to Reduce Screen GlareWatching TV or using your computer in the daytime or with the light on can be a hassle as most of what you see might be the annoying glare of light on the screen. That’s mainly the reason why you want to find ways to reduce screen glare. It is possible that you can’t appreciate the movie or show that you are watching because you can’t see it well or you even have to move around to get a good view. In addition, screen glare can damage your eye sight and it can also give you headaches.

Screen glare is the reflection of a light source, natural or artificial, on a monitor like a TV or computer. It can be caused by the sunlight coming from your window or door, or by your lights in your home or office. Screen glare is formed when the computer monitor or TV is placed at an angle where it directly reflects light from a source.

There are a number of solutions you can do to reduce screen glare:

  • Angle your TV or computer screen in a way that the light source is behind it. If you don’t mind changing the position of your computer or TV set, you can just adjust the angle of the screen.
  • Dim down the lights or close your blinds or curtains. If you can’t move your computer or TV set around, just get rid of the light source.
  • Move the light source further away from your screen. If you can’t switch off the lights, just move the light source away to reduce screen glare.
  • Attach a screen filter. Screen filters are detachable tinted glass panes. You can use this to reduce screen glare for your computer but there are no screen filters available for televisions.
  • How to Reduce Screen GlareApply an anti-glare coating on your screen. When you need to reduce screen glare, you can us a spray-on anti-glare coating like Glare Buster that you can apply on nearly any kind of screen. You don’t have to adjust the position of your screen and you don’t have to switch off the lights or keep your curtains closed. All you have to do is just spray this product to reduce screen glare and this can keep your screen glare-free for a long period of time.

If you follow these steps, you can reduce screen glare and also lessen eye damage, headaches and save yourself the inconvenience of moving your furniture around.

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