How to Relax While Public Speaking

How to Relax While Public SpeakingPeople in the corporate world do need to find out how to relax while public speaking as communication and presentation skills are essential to move up the ladder. Housewives may have to make a statement during school functions and employees will be given the opportunity to speak during meetings and when receiving awards. There are many instances in life that you might have to speak in front of a large audience or a small group.

If you have a speaking engagement coming up soon, assess your feelings and if you are nervous about the event. Some of signs of anxiety that might show up right before the speech such as sweaty palms, rapid pulse rate, palpitations, dry throat, difficulty breathing, or the inability to recall the rehearsed speech. There are many people who have overwhelming anxiety before and during the speech itself and the symptoms can be so extreme that the person will stutter, feel like choking, have their minds get blank, fidget, feel nauseous or vomit, faint, or might even run and leave the stage altogether.

The fear of public speaking might have overwhelmed the person before and the embarrassment brought about by it can still be ingrained in their minds, thus creating the anxiety. It is also possible that the fear will feed itself as the person might keep on worrying about how they will perform and these repeated thoughts will keep on building up until the very last moment and it may lead to an anxiety attack before or during the speech. If you had suffered from any of these symptoms of the fear of public speaking, would like to prevent it from happening during your event and be able to relax while public speaking, here are the things you can do before a speech:

How to Relax While Public SpeakingWear comfortable clothing. Have your outfit ready at least a few days before the event and try it on to see if it looks good on you and is comfortable. If you have a new pair of shoes, practice walking around in them and check if they are suitable to use if you will be standing for a certain period of time while delivering your speech.

Be prepared. Memorize your speech and practice it in front of a mirror or a friend who can make comments on how you may improve it. Inspect the venue so you will get a feel of the place. Know your audience. their average age or profession will help you create a speech that will interest them.

Avoid consuming certain food and beverages. Items that are high in caffeine or sugar should not be consumed for at least a few hours before the speech as caffeine will make a person nervous and the sugar high might suddenly drop. Drinking alcoholic beverages might indeed suppress shyness but can make you lose control of your body movements and speech pattern.

How to Relax While Public SpeakingInstead of taking in these items, do it the natural way by using herbs to help you be prepared for your speech and stop the repeated thought that lead to anxiety. St. John’s Worth is known to help a person feel calm and Gingko Biloba is widely used as a memory enhancer. These calming and memory enhancing herbs plus a combination of others that can effectively balance the stress hormones and increase blood oxygen levels will be able to help you to relax while public speaking.

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