How to Remove Grease Stains from Clothes

Grease stains can mar your favorite clothes if you fail to spot it right away. The good news is, fresh grease stains are quite easy to remove.

Absorb And Wash
If the grease stain is fresh, let some absorbents take as much grease as possible from your dry clothes. You may sprinkle the grease stained area with baby powder or cornstarch. The soft granules of either baby powder or cornstarch will absorb a lot of grease and will make the actual removal process easier. Just gently press the granules on to the stain and continue doing this for about a minute, or until you think the granules are no longer absorbing grease. Then wash the clothes as you would normally wash it, as in, with your favorite detergent.

For Stubborn Grease Stains
If absorbent and detergent failed, use a more potent aid, ammonia. You may also try this with stains that have been left for a while. After just a couple of drops on to the stain, you will quickly see the results. The grease will loosen from the fabric so get a small piece of cotton cloth or paper towel to blot the affected area and quickly absorb the grease. Do not use granular absorbent because your clothes are now damp. Repeat the process until all of the grease stain has been removed. Once the grease stain is thoroughly removed, wash your clothes with your regular detergent.

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