How to Remove Gum from Carpet

Removing Gum From Carpet:

It is really quite easy to remove gum from the carpet, even if it is old and dried up. You don’t have to cut it off or bring it to a professional carpet cleaner. This is a task that you can tackle by yourself.

The first thing to do after spotting the piece of gum stuck to your carpeting is to treat it by soaking it. When it is soaked, the adhesive quality of the gum will break down and you will be able to take it off with a little effort. The products that you can use to treat the gum are hot vinegar, cooking oil, WD-40, petroleum, gasoline, lighter fluid, or even a muscle rub containing methly salicylate like Ben-Gay.

Cover the gum with any of these products. After a couple of minutes, place on a pair of plastic gloves any remove as much of the gum as you can. If not all of it will be taken out, repeat the process. When the gum is all gone, apply some mild detergent liquid onto the area to clean it. Remove the detergent liquid by patting it with a rag or tissue. Rinse with water and dry well with the aid of a fan or blow dryer.

If you do not want your carpet to get wet, there are a couple of more ways that you can remove the gum. The first way is by placing some ice cubes into a plastic bag and putting top of the gum. When the gum is cold, it will be easy to break off and remove. The other way is to completely dry off the gum with the use of a blow dryer. After being subjected to the heat for sometime, the piece of gum can be removed by breaking it off. Some other methods used to remove gum out of carpet are:

Peanut Butter Wonders
The combination of the natural oil in peanuts and the oil in butter can do wonders for your gum-affected carpet. Prepare a tablespoon of peanut butter to remove the gum. Get a pair of rubber gloves and a spatula, too. If you do not have peanut butter, very hot or very cold water will do.

Wear your gloves and rub off the tablespoon of peanut butter on to the gum or the affected area. Let the gum be carried off by the oil grease. Gently scrape off the remnants with your spatula. Be careful so you will not ruin the fibers of your carpet.

Hot/Cold Water

You can also use water in extreme temperatures to remove gum from your carpet. You can either pour very hot water on to the affected area, or place ice cubes on it and leave it to melt on the carpet. Water in extreme temperature can also help loosen the hold of the gum on your carpet. Once you have taken most of the gum, gently scrape off the remnants with your spatula.

Finishing Touch
To avoid any ugly trace of gum on your carpet, damp a small cloth with detergent and water, then blot it on the affected surface. Damp another cloth with only water to clean up the detergent’s residue. Then use your vacuum or hair dryer to dry the surface.

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