How to Remove Gum from Clothing

Removing Gum From Clothes:

Got some gum stuck on the clothes? Do you want to remove it right away? Taking gum off clothing is not brain surgery and can be done easily with the use of common household products and equipment. Getting it off requires a little time and patience so you won’t end up damaging the piece of clothing you are trying to save.

After the item of clothing has been taken off, lay it on a work table. Treat the offending piece of gum with any of the following products:

  1. Liquid laundry soap – Cover the gum and rub in the liquid laundry soap with an old toothbrush. Scrape of the gum with the blunt end of a butter knife. Add more soap as needed until the gum has been completely removed.
  2. Hair spray – Spray it on the gum. It will make the gum become hard and you can take it of by pulling it off completely or breaking it apart then pulling it. Spray more on if needed.
  3. WD-40 – Just spray a little on the gum and give it a couple of minutes to loosen the gum from the fabric. Scrape it off with the blunt end of the butter knife. A little goes a long way so don’t spray on a lot.
  4. Vinegar – Heat up the vinegar and rub it in by dipping an old toothbrush into the hot liquid and rubbing it into the gum. Repeat until all the gum has been removed. Take note that this can only work if the vinegar is hot.
  5. Cooking oil – Soak the gum in some cooking oil for a few minutes. Use an old toothbrush to rub it into the gum to break it free from the fabric. Scrape off with the blunt end of a butter knife. Repeat if needed.
  6. Hot/Cold Water – For regular clothes like jeans and cotton shirts, you can use the “extreme water temperature technique” to remove the gum. You will also need a butter knife or a small and thin baking spatula. Now, choose what is more comfortable for you, cold water or hot water? If you chose cold water, you can either soak your clothes in very cold iced water or place ice cubes on the gum-affected area of your clothes. If you would rather use hot water, just soak your clothes into a basin of hot water. Either way will result in the loosening of the gum’s hold on your clothes. Not all of the gum will be removed at once, so use your butter knife to scrape off the rest. Be careful in doing this so you will not damage your clothes with your butter knife.

Delicate Fabric
If the gum is stuck on delicate fabric such as silk, use a dissolving agent that will leave much less gum residue. Use either gasoline or alcohol. The gasoline is a dangerous liquid, but it will dissolve the gum more effectively than extreme waters can. There will be little residue left. Take note, use your wood spatula on delicate fabric to protect the fibers of your clothes.

Regular Laundry
Once you have removed the gum from your clothes, wash them as you would have them washed regularly. If you used gasoline or alcohol, soak your clothes in a solution with fabric conditioner to remove the smell and soften the delicate fabric.

After you have taken off the gum, wash the item of clothing right away, preferably in hot water to get rid of any small pieces of gum that you might have missed. It is easy to remove gum from clothing and what is even better, it will just cost you pennies.

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