How to Repair Split Ends

How to Repair Split EndsSplit ends, also known as trichoptilosis or schizotrichia, is what happens when hair is damage and splits into one or more strands. This is the result of the hair shaft becoming weak because the protective outer layer was stripped off. When hair is dry and brittle, it is more prone to getting split ends. Improper hair combing and brushing techniques are two of the major causes of splits ends. The other causes are the use of styling tools such as curling and straightening irons, hair coloring products, or metal and elastic hair accessories.

When the protective layer is gone, and the hair splits into 2 or 3 strands, extending from the end of the hair upwards, it may seem impossible to get rid of spit ends. To actually adhere the How to Repair Split Endssplit ends together and restore the hair permanently back to normal cannot be done. There are certain hair products, such as hair serums, that can create a temporary fix to stick together the split ends upon application. The serum is placed on the ends of the hair and it can make the fly-away feathery strands of hair tame down for a short period of time.

Here are the ways to get rid of split ends and restore the hair back to health.

1. Comb it properly. Wet hair will break easily, so after washing the hair, gently rub it dry. Use a wide tooth comb to take out the tangles. When possible, let it dry naturally and start brushing or styling it when it is almost dry.

2. Condition and deep conditioning treatments. Treat the hair after every shampoo with conditioner and use a deep conditioning treatment like hair spa, hot oil, intensive conditioner, or hair repair products once or twice a week. After going swimming or exposing your hair to the heat of the sun or cold air, it needs to regain moisture and give the hair and scalp the vitamins it needs to grow healthy.

3. Avoid heat-styling tools. The extreme heat of some styling tools can do extreme damage to the ends. Give your hair rest from these tools, set the blow dryer on a cooler setting, and opt to use styling products. If you must use styling tools regularly, make sure to give the hair and scalp an extra dose of hair conditioning treatment.

4. Trim of the split ends. Having a professional hair cut to take out the damaged parts of the hair will get rid of the unsightly strands. It is possible to take off each and every split end strand by cutting it off with a pair of scissors, but this process takes time and you will end up with uneven lengths of hair. There is a split-end remover tool which when a section of hair is run through the encasement, a sharp blade takes of the split ends. The Split-Ender hair tool effectively gets rid of split ends within minutes and can help remove the unwanted ends to leave only the healthy part of the hair.

How to Repair Split EndsWhen split ends are left untreated, further subjected to the hair abuse, left untrimmed and not given moisture, the hair will continue to split upwards towards the scalp. When that happens, it is not possible for the person to continue having medium or long hair as the short hair will be the only hair cutting solution professional stylists would recommend. One hair conditioning treatment that you can use is Moroccanoil, an excellent new product which can give you nearly instant results to help make your crowning glory healthy and shiny. It will giving your hair the extra special care that needs so that you can finally have no more split ends.

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