How to Repel Unwanted Animals

Small wild animals like skunks, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and even rabbits can get to wreck havoc in and around your home. Other unwanted animals that may create a tremendous problem for you are rodents such as mice and rats. Aside from the fact that you may get very ill when bitten by any these animals, they bring diseases and fleas. They will make a mess by tippling over the garbage bin, destroy your wood, build their nest in your home, and do make a lot of noise with their scrapping about and the shrill squeaks and squeals.

To keep the wild animals away, you would need to use an animal repeller. Preventing them from coming into your place is the best way to deal with them as when they are inside your area, the damage that they might cause will be extremely difficulty to deal with, such as skunk smells and gnawing throughout your home. By the time they are in, your options would be to remove them by trapping them or killing them, and these methods are difficult to apply as wild animal do have defense strategies and survival instincts that might make you go around chasing them for days or smart enough to not consume the poison and fall into the traps that you place. The different kinds of animal repellers that you can use to help you get rid of such animals include:

Natural animal repellers. There are some odors that certain animals dislike and will keep away from. An example of this odor is from the urine of predatory animals such as tigers, foxes, bobcats and wolves. When their prey smells this, they will keep away from the area as their survival instinct will get alerted by the scent of the predator. These natural animal repellers are difficult to obtain and will require a constant reapplication if subjected to the various weather conditions as they can get washed away, evaporate, or the odor will not be smelled by the targeted animal during cold weather months.

Chemical repellents. These kind of repellents are formulated to imitate natural animal repellers based on the taste or odor that the specific animal will abhor. These chemical repellents are effective to a limited degree they would be have to be used in accordance with the climate conditions as the odor repellers will not work during winter and those that keep away the animals because of the taste can only be used on plants.

Non-chemical repellents. Items that fall under this category are those that you place around your home to keep the unwanted animals out like traps, barbed wires, electric fences or ultrasonic devices. There are many instances that the wild animal will not fall into the traps and it may be quite costly to surround your entire area with fencing.

Ultrasonic sound devices work to keep the animals away by emitting a high pitch sound that they will find very noisy and quite irritating. Placing this kind of animal repeller can give you 24/7 protection and can work no matter what the climate condition is. The latest in ultrasonic animal repellers is solar powered and has a motion detector that will set off the sound as soon as the unwanted animal gets within range. Repell unwanted animals without hurting them and keep your property safe with cost-effective ultrasonic animal repellers.

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