How to See Facebook Profiles

Wondering how to see Facebook profiles? Many people who are in this social networking site have used the option of setting their profile pages and other pages to limit who can view it to friends or friends of friends.

What can you get to see?

Even if the privacy option is set to everyone and you may see a few details such as profile picture, location, and work, you may be able to see more like what’s written on the wall, view the activities if they have this option, and see their friends and family if they have not set it to private. You can also get to see the photo albums if they have not customized these for viewing to specific parties.

We all know that Facebook accounts can be limited and customized – but what if you can see what is not?

Many people want to know what’s on another person’s Facebook even if they are not the person’s friend, have been unfriended, or even been blocked. The reason why people want to do this is because of curiosity and oftentimes, it’s to discover more about an ex-lover, a crush, or a person they dislike.

There are ways to see more of someone who is not your Facebook friend than you are technically allowed to! You could become an incognito Facebook James Bond – the legal way!

How to see Facebook profiles and more?

Have a person that is the friend of the one you want to see access the page. That’s so obvious, you might say, as most people already know that. Well, it has to be said as there might be those who don’t know this.

Create a Facebook page.

When you create a Like page or a Fan page, as administrator of the page, you can see all the Facebook profiles of those who have liked your page.

As administrator of a page, you have the option to use Facebook as a page. When you go about using Facebook as a page, it’s like wearing a mask to hide your identity.

Start sharing this page to the people that know the person who’s profile you want to view. It’s could be a lengthy process, and you might not get the person to like your page, but if they do, you get to see all that you can.

Create a Facebook group.

As administrator of a Facebook group, you cannot mask your identity. Yet, if the group has a lot of people, you can be ‘drowned’ into oblivion. When you are admin, you can see all the profiles and pages of the people who joined the group.

Place a Facebook ad.

If you want to see more of people’s profiles and to have better chances of honing in on your target, promote your page with a Facebook ad. It doesn’t cost a lot and for some people, it is worth it.

Always remember that Facebook, like all social networking sites, does not allow you to create fake accounts. Though there are many people who do this and add as a friend the person who’s profile they want to view, it is not recommended to use the fake account method to see Facebook profiles.

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