How to Shape Your Butt

It is possible to make your butt look shapelier without having to exert much effort at all. You don’t have to get plastic surgery, exercise, or lose weight unless you want long term results. To get an instant butt lift and get the shape that you want, there are some things that you can do that really work in giving you a much sexier behind. There are clothing items that you must avoid so you can make your butt look much better:

1. Narrow and straight dresses. Though it may be stylish, the straight fall of the fabric material will not enhance your body curves in any way. These kinds of dresses will only serve to hug your form as you move and if your less than curvaceous will be quite unflattering.

2. Loose pants. Loose fitting pants made out of thin fabric material and trouser line in cut will emphasize the fact that your butt is flat. It would be unable to add any shape or form to your body as the light weight material tends to fall and cling.

3. Pants or shorts without pockets. To add some accent to your behind choose shorts or pants that have either pockets, pockets with flaps, embroidery designs in the area of the cheeks, or other similar fashion highlights like rhinestones or glitter. With these minor touches to your fashion style you will be able to create the illusion and make your butt look more appealing.

Discover the benefits of having the right items of clothing to make you look your best at all times. You have another option, available aside from those mentioned above the way to make your butt look like it has more shape is by wearing certain pieces of underwear. There are two kinds of underwear available in the market today.

The first kind is known as a padded girdle. It is designed to give you full coverage, pressing in your stomach and making your butt look bigger because it has pads for the area of the butt cheeks. These padded underwear serve to make your butt look bigger and should be worn under another item of clothing.

The second kind is designed to lift your butt cheeks because of the support it gives and has no pads at all. It is bikini cut and uses the minimal amount of material. This support panty can be worn on its own, under a bathing suit, or any other item of clothing without hardly any seam lines showing through. The high-tech material grasps the upper part of your cheeks lifting them, while the V triangle in the back separates your cheeks and draws them inwards and upwards, giving you a firmer butt the minute you wear it. Wear the right items of clothing for you to look your stylish best without the hassle and the least amount of effort. Follow these fashion tips and see how much better your butt can look instantly.

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  1. Yes, it’s bad. Girls’ jeans are designed for girls’ butts which, in case you haven’t nctioed, are bigger than guys’ butts since they need big hips for child-bearing purposes. I’m sure you will eventually learn that in sex ed. Meanwhile, as a basic rule of thumb, guys should wear guy’s clothes. I know that’s pretty profound, but hey, that’s why we have the Internet!

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