How to Show Your Family You Love Them

Here’s some tips on how to show your family you love them. To strengthen the bonds of family relationships is more than just being there for them. There are times that reassurance is necessary. There are ways to demonstrate the love you feel without being dramatic or overwhelmingly sweet.

What can one do to show a parent, sibling, or child that you love them? We see each member of the household practically every day and it might have become routine. When you consider the situation at home, it is possible that we be have acquaintances to whom we are more polite than to our immediate family. It might be time to think about these few things:

How do you talk to your family?

Are you getting the reaction that you want or scaring them away? A gentle voice and a kind answer can elicit a more positive response from the people around you. It might have been a long time since you have used ‘terms of endearment’ to call out sweetly to them. Maybe every time you beckon them, it is to admonish or ask for them to help out?

Do you listen to what they say?

When the other person is talking, do you pay full attention and get the same? Eye to eye contact? Children might be babbling on and on but what are they really trying to say? Do you remember what was said to you? Listening skills can be developed and with it, better understanding happens.

Is your home run like a dictatorship or is it democratic?

Are the lines of communication open? Is the decision centralized or is there flexibility? If no one’s opinion counts except those who are in control, then a person’s tendency will be not to speak up or to rebel. What kind of home do you have?

What kind of food do you serve them?

The best kind of food is healthy food. What’s on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? What kind of snacks do they have? Show your family you care and give them better health by taking the extra time and effort to prepare nutritious and delicious food for your family.

How much quality time do you spend together?

Is the quality time you have as a group or do you have special time with each individual in your family? If it’s a special occasion like a birthday does it pass by with even a small celebration? Do you have a lot of fun together? Is there time for serious talk and working on projects?

How to show your family you love them is more than just giving them gifts or doing it once in awhile. It’s a daily thing.

Before caring for them starts to feel like an obligation, show them how much you appreciate them, get closer, and more loving as the days turn into years.

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