How to Steam Pasta?

How to steam pasta?Contrary to popular belief, pasta can be steamed and turn out to be perfectly ‘al dente’. Ever since Thomas Jefferson brought home the first macaroni machine in 1789 after he served as ambassador to France, pasta has become an all-time American favorite dish and various ways to prepare pasta has been developed. Depending on the pasta to be prepared, the steaming process and kitchen equipment used will vary.

Fresh pasta or cooked pasta that is to be reheated can be layered on the top level of a steamer when the water at the bottom level is rapidly boiling. The steaming process will take around 7 minutes. If there is more than one layer, after 7 minutes, mix the whole batch well and continue cooking for an additional 7 minutes. When the pasta is removed from the steamer, drizzle some olive oil onto the cooked pasta and mix to prevent it from sticking to each other.

How to steam pasta?If you have a steam oven, any kind of pasta, whether fresh or dried can be cooked in it. Reheating cooked pasta is also possible using these kinds of oven that sprays superheated steam onto the food. Steam ovens can cook, bake, grill, roast, and defrost food. It can also be used to reheat leftover food. The only disadvantage to steam ovens is that food items cannot be browned.

Microwave steam cooking can also be used to prepare dried pasta. There are frozen pasta with sauce that can be cooked in their own microwavable steam bag. There is also microwavable steamer specially designed for cooking pasta. This 5-in-1 pasta cooker can be the only container that you use from start to finish as you can cook the pasta, drain it, and then serve it. It eliminates the guess work about the boiling time, reduces the risk of getting scalded by hot water, and the necessity of having to pour out the pasta into strainer to drain it.

Any kind of pasta, whether fresh or dried can be cooked until it is perfectly ‘al dente’, and when you have leftover pasta, you can store it and heated in up with the same container. The handles can be used to measure out 2 servings of spaghetti, and this special container can be used to prepare only one serving or enough for the entire family.

How to steam pasta?The Pasta Boat may be the best and easiest way to for you to cook pasta. This container also comes with a special rack that can make it be used to steam vegetables, seafood and other kinds of food preparations.

Using the right kitchen cooking equipment to do the task will enable you to cook quick, delicious, and easy dinners.

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