How to Stop Wasting Food

Throwing away food stuff that should have kept longer is such a waste but there are ways for you to be able to keep food stored for a longer period of time. When food spoils, changes in color or texture, and becomes less than palatable because of certain chemical changes, you would have to throw it out. Consuming such food items may lead to stomach upsets and in worse cases, food poisoning.

Proper food storage and handling is a must to keep food. There are various ways for you to store food, from the pantry which will give items like dried herbs the dry, dark conditions, to airtight canisters for coffee and teas, to storing food in the vegetables keeper section or the chiller section of the refrigerator or in the freezer. When you store food away, place them in the proper container. Here are a few tips on food handling and storage:

1. Label the items. To facilitate ease of finding things, especially if they are stacked up or in the deep freezer, label them. Write down the name of the items, like pork cutlets and the date that you place them away.

2. First in, first out. If you are going to take any food out of storage, try to cook or consume the food items that have been stored away for a longer period of time. If you get to label the food before it was stored, it would be an invaluable aid to choosing the food stuff that should be utilized first.

3. Market planning. Planning your meals will allow you to just by what you need and budget food expense. For example, if you buy two whole chickens and cut them up, you can divide them into 4 servings potions and cook one portion as fried chicken, marinade the other one for the grill, the third one for chicken soup, and pre-boil and dice the last portion for salads and sandwiches.

There are many kind of containers in the market, but what would be best to store food away in for it to keep fresh longer is one that is especially designed to remove the Ethelyn gas that makes food spoil faster when enclosed in a container. Created with nanotechnology that releases all-natural minerals, the trapped gases are rendered harmless, making it possible for food to be stored for a much longer period of time than any other container. The Always Fresh Containers come in a variety of sizes and they are microwavable. Get to stop wasting food by proper storing them in the latest kind of food storage containers.

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