How to Take Care Of A Dog

If you take care of your pet dog properly, it will give you in return love and loyalty and get to live a long and healthy life. Taking care of a new dog is like having a toddler around the house, you need to dedicate time and have patience, aside from training them. If you are planning on buying a puppy, you must secure the house by ensuring that poisonous and toxic items such as insect spray and rat poison will not be consumed by your new pet pooch. When giving your new dog a bath you must soothingly talk to it so they will feel reassured, especially if it’s their first bath. You must be careful on what you feed them, bones make excellent treats but never let them eat chicken bones as they tend to swallow them, and the sharp edges will hurt their insides or make them choke. Here are the things you need to be able to take proper care of a dog:

Dog collar and leash. These are needed for many reasons, aside from compliance with the a leash law. The collar is needed for you to be able to hold the dog so it won’t slip away, to attach a leash, and to place identification in case the dog gets lost. A leash is needed to keep your dog beside you will walking, to make them stay in a certain area, and for dog training.

Dog bowls. These are needed since floors are dirty and you would have to accustom your pet from eating only out of their own food bowl. You need a separate food and water bowl and remember to keep the water bowl full and change their drinking water every day.

Dog bed. You sleep soundly and have a good nights rest, but what about your precious pooch? Find one that’s suitable to the size of your dog and has the support that they need to prevent them from getting dog arthritis. Choose a dog bed that is has a waterproof liner, non-allergenic, and made from high-tech memory foam so that you less problems to deal with.

Dog Grooming Tools. Dog grooming tools are usually brushes, combs, dog shampoo or soap, scissors, and dog nail cutters. Brushing the dog is especially needed for furrier dogs whose hair grows longer than other breeds. Keep your dog clean, free of ticks, lice and fleas, and make sure that their nails are trimmed at least once a week.

Dog food. Depending on how old your dog is, there is the dog food that is suited for their age like the mushy kind that comes in cans for puppies and dry, harder ones with crunch when they get older. Make sure your buying good quality dog food for your pooch to be happy and healthy; and watch the serving portions as you do not want to have an overweight dog.

Tender, loving care. Your dog gives you loyalty not only because of the things that you do to take care of them but because you give it love. A pat in the back, a kind tone, a ‘good dog’ compliment, will make them feel secure and lessen their inclination towards exhibiting bad behavior. Make sure to give your pet the best care possible by providing it with the proper dog food, enough water, keeping them groomed, exercise, and a special dog bed.

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