How to Treat Arthritis

If you are suffering from arthritis you know how difficult the swelling and inflammation of your joint areas could be. There are times after taking certain medication that the pain will subside and during times when the weather is mild, there might not be any pain if your arthritis case is not severe. Arthritis treatments range from homemade to clinical, cheap to extremely expensive but because of the pain, you may be willing to choose just any of the options to get rid of the pain.

When you have arthritis, be it mild, moderate or severe, the first thing you must do is to consult a licensed physician. The physician after examining you and finding out about your medical history would recommend treatments:

Medication – The medicines that the doctor can give you will either be topical, capsules or tablets, or injected into your system. They would be able to lessen the inflammation and reduce the pain. Some of the most common medications are cortisone creams or injections and painkillers.

Exercise therapy – There are a series of hand movements that you would have to do on a daily basis for you to be able to get the benefits of exercise therapy. The doctor will recommend range of motion exercises that will allow you to stretch out the ailing part. Done often enough, the capacity of the arthritis victim to move the afflicted area without pain may return to normal.

Lifestyle change – Choosing healthier food options, getting enough quality sleep, getting rid of vices such as smoking and drinking will help the person become healthier. Most people that have arthritis are obese and all arthritis sufferers will be helped by having a healthier lifestyle.

Surgical procedures – If the arthritis case is severe and deformity is already visible, the doctor might operate and replace the irreparable joints. The patient would have to undergo a recovery period and go through exercise therapy to be able to regain the normal movement of the part that was operated on.

Hot compress – Placing a hot compress on the painful area for 15-20 minutes each morning can help relieve the pain of arthritis. You can use a plain water compress, herbal poultice made from ginger root and other similar anti-inflammatory herbs or you can use a heating pad specifically designed to treat arthritis. These kinds of heating pads are inserted into the palm area of a pair of glove like hand braces. The heat will emanate from the center of your palms and penetrate deeply into your joints while the hand brace will help you straighten and stretch out the joint area. It is made out of a kind of material that will compress your hands as it is being given the thermal therapy to the blood circulate better.

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