How to Use PageRage Facebook Layouts

Members of the social networking site Facebook can now take advantage of the PageRage Facebook Layouts to make their Facebook profiles attractive to look at. Instead of the typical Facebook profile look, the use of PageRage Facebook Layouts can offer a more personalized profile look to capture the user’s own personality.

How can Facebook members use these PageRage Facebook Layouts? Facebook users who will be trying out these PageRage Facebook Layouts for the first time need not worry at all. Using these PageRage Facebook Layouts is very easy and manageable even for individuals who have no knowledge about programs and applications.

Facebook users can choose the type of layout they want to have in their profile. There are various Pagerage Facebook Layouts to choose from and they are grouped into several categories. There are layouts for food lovers, for people who are attracted to pattern designs, and also for individuals who prefer themes that are retro in style. These are just some of the Pagerage layout designs created for Facebook users.

To use the specific layout you selected, you need to open your Facebook profile. Each layout has a preview button and you can click this button to get a view on how the layout will look like in a Facebook profile. If you do not like the overall look, you can always choose another layout. If you like the layout after seeing the preview, you can click the select button that comes with each layout.

However before you can use the layout you selected, you need to install the Yontoo Layers plug-in first, which can be downloaded from Pagerage for free. After the download, you run the program and then restart the browser to complete the installation. After completing the installation, you can now use the layout you picked by clicking its Select button. Make sure that your Facebook account is open before you press the Select button for the changes in your Facebook profile to take effect. The layout chosen will be visible in your Facebook profile right away.

Each layout also has the All Pages and Profile Only buttons. This gives you the freedom to decide if you want the selected layout in all your Facebook pages or in your profile only. By default, the layout is set to All Pages. If you want to have the layout in your profile only, you need to click the Profile Only button.

Once the layout is applied, you will notice the Change Layout and Remove Layout tabs on the left side of your Facebook profile, below your profile photo. You can use these tabs if you want to change or remove the layout you have. Once you click the Change Layout tab, you are directed back to the Facebook layouts available at Pagerage. You can then choose another layout to replace the existing one.

If you want to remove the layout and go back to the default Facebook look, you can simply click the Remove Layout tab. However for others who have difficulty removing the layout, the best approach would be to disable the Pagerage application. Pagerage has a Support Page to help users deal with technical-related concerns. In the Support Page, you need to click on the “Installation and Use Issues and Concerns” link. Then you click on the “How do I disable/re-enable PageRage?” question and you will see the “Disable Pagerage” link. An “Enable Pagerage” link is also provided for users who want to use the application again, provided that the Pagerage set-up program remains uninstalled.

You can also create your own Pagerage Facebook Layouts by signing up with Pagerage. Once you sign up, you can start creating your own layout designs in four easy steps without any additional application to download. After you have created your own layouts, you can save them in your Pagerage account for future use.

Customize your Facebook profile the way you want it to appear. Use the Pagerage Facebook Layouts to provide your profile the interesting look it deserves.

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