How to Write a Check

A check is as good as cash if you have enough funds in your bank account that is linked to your checkbook. When you write a check, you should be careful in writing the details to avoid unnecessary troubles in the bank once the person who got the check from you goes to the bank to deposit your check.

Write From The Top

Write the date on the space provided on the upper right portion of the check. Then write the name of the person who will deposit the check. In some instances, as in when you want to pay bills, you write the full legal name of the company as the recipient of the check. Some people just write “Cash” when giving money by check as a gift to family or friends. It means that whoever takes the check to the bank is authorized to deposit it. Then, write the amount in words and figures. You write the words over a line, you write the figures inside a box or parentheses provided. Be careful in placing your decimal point and zeros because a slight error here could make a huge difference in this case. Double check your amount in words and amount in figures. Once you are sure you have written the correct date, name and amount, sign your check at the space provided on the lower right portion of the check. Your signature should be uniform with your signatures in your bank’s records.

Things To Remember When Writing A Check

Be careful and write legibly. It may be best to use print letters so your curves and loops won’t be misread. Always note on your checkbook’s ledger the date, check number and amount specified for each check you give. This is your way of keeping track of your bank account and balance.

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