How to Write a Cover Letter

Without a good cover letter it’s very tough to get any further in the interview process as the cover letter is essentially your introduction to a prospective employer. If your cover letter isn’t clean, free of errors and professional, odds are that your resume will not even get looked at, so your cover letter is crucial in your employment success.

A cover letter should be in the format of a business letter, but it should be tailored the job in which you are applying. You’ll want to keep the greeting simple, short and professional and then follow up with a short paragraph about why you are writing. In this section you can mention how you found out about the position and why you feel as though you are a qualified applicant for the job opening.

In the next section of your letter you should let the reader know what experience you have specifically that makes you a good fit for the position. You don’t need to list time frames that you held specific positions for as your resume will impart that information, but if there are specific duties or responsibilities that you have had that are directly related to the position in which you are applying for, this is the spot to relate them.

In the closing of your letter, let the reader know how much you appreciate them taking the time to consider you for the position and provide any additional information not included in your resume that may be of interested, like alternate contact information that may be more convenient for them or the availability of personal or business references.

You can be the most qualified applicant in the bunch, but that makes no difference if your prospective employer never even looks a t your resume. A good cover letter is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door, but you’ll need to format it correctly and keep it professional if you want to get results.

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