What Are Miracle Noodles

Practicing a healthy lifestyle can be challenging when there are temptations everywhere. Fortunately you no longer have to worry about depriving yourself from eating. Miracle Noodles will let you have a nice meal without feeling guilty of gaining weight.

Miracle Noodles are health promoting noodles that are free from soy, gluten, carbohydrates, and calorie, which are known to have harmful effects to the body. Miracles Noodles are offered as replacement for your old carb packed pastas – and you can discover new recipes and buy your Miracle Noodles at MiracleNoodles.com.

So what can Miracle Noodles do to improve your health? Compared to the ordinary noodles, Miracle Noodles are rich with soluble fibers. These soluble fibers prolong the process of digestion so you will feel full for longer period of hours after eating Miracle Noodles. The feeling of fullness prevents you from craving for unhealthy foods. Your body will also be able to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat.

The soluble fibers in Miracle Noodles bind with the fatty acids in the digestive tract. Because of this action, the fats are prevented from returning to the blood that is circulated throughout the body. This prevents the body from gaining weight.

These soluble fibers also create a gel with the water, which help the food travel in the digestive tract properly. Through this you are able to have a regular bowel movement. Having a healthy digestion protects your body from developing diseases related to poor digestion.

Lowering your body’s total calorie intake is possible by replacing one meal per day with Miracle Noodles. With your needed fiber intake significantly raised with Miracle Noodles, less amount of calorie is consumed by the body.

If you are under a weight loss program or method, Miracle Noodle will help you get rid of the excess fats in your body. If you are a diabetic person who is under a special diet, you can include Miracle Noodles in your regular diet to maintain your sugar level.

You will not only maintain a healthy weight, you will also keep your cholesterol and glucose at a normal level. Therefore overall health is promoted when Miracle Noodles become a part of your daily diet.

There are various types of Miracle Noodles that you can choose from. Some of the popular varieties are the Miracle Rice, Angel Hair and Black Angel Pasta, Fettuccini, Agar-Agar and Rigatoni Pasta, Black Shiritaki, and Orzo Pasta.

Angel Hair Pasta is the most purchased among the varieties of Miracle Noodles. It does not contain any wheat or gluten and are kosher. You don’t have to worry about adding calories to your diet whenever you eat a pack of this pasta. It has a delectable taste that will please your palate and improve your health at the same time.

Fettuccini Shirataki Pasta is a flat-shaped Miracle Noodle, which has the same content as the Angel Hair Pasta. Its taste goes well with your regular fettuccini recipes. So you can still enjoy your old fettuccini dish except this time you are not consuming any calories from your noodles.

Mini Pearl is a thin, rounded, and small type of pasta, which is perfect for making soups. It is a good choice as a sampler if you are new to Miracle Noodles. If you are not into pasta but want to cut your carbohydrate and calorie consumption, mini pearl is a good option. Its small size and nice texture makes for easy eating.

The dark brown noodle Black Shiritaki is new to the list of Miracle Noodles. It is made of Yam flour and hijiki, which is a sea vegetable. It has the advantage of letting more sauce hold onto it, which allows the flavor to mix with the pasta. You can also experiment with this pasta by mixing it with other pasta. The recipes for black shiritaki are endless and you will definitely enjoy each meal.

Similar to the other Miracle Noodles, Orzo pasta does not contain calories and carbohydrates as well. It can be added to your soup or can be served as an alternative in your regular pasta recipe.

Miracle Noodles are instant noodles; there is no need for you to spend hours cooking in your kitchen. The easy and quick preparation is a huge advantage especially when you have a busy lifestyle. You can just open a pack, drain the water from it, and then rinse it for several minutes. After rinsing, you can boil it for a minute before adding flavors, spices, and sauces to it.

You can also experiment with your Miracle Noodles by adding your favorite vegetables. There are numerous ways for you to enjoy Miracle Noodles that you will always find a way to enjoy your Miracle Noodle meal.

When it comes to storage, Miracle Noodles can be stored for six months only. They have a shorter shelf life compared to regular pasta. It would be wise to make sure that you will be able to consume your Miracle Noodles before they expire (6 month shelf life).

If you worry about the affordability of Miracle Noodles, don’t worry – you can find the best prices at MiracleNoodles.com. Each pack of Miracle Noodles costs around $3, or even less than that when you buy more. When you buy two of their variety packs (includes 24 packs of noodles) you will get them for under $2 for each pack, a super deal and nice for starters! With the great benefits that these noodles offer to your health, shelling out a few dollars will not be a burden at all.

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