What Causes Bad Breath?

Wondering what causes bad breath? Knowing the real culprit is the key to eliminating this problem. The most common solutions to getting rid of bad breath might have been done but still the lingering foul odor remains. If a person learns the main cause of bad breath, it is possible to have sweet smelling breath.

First, one must understand that there are two kinds of bad breath which are chronic and temporary. What this article addressed is the solution to chronic bad breath, which is also called halitosis. According to WebMD, over 90 million people suffer from this condition.

With thousand of different breath freshening products that like toothpaste, rinses, candies, breath sprays, and chewing gums, masking the smell and getting rid of it temporarily is easily done. Yet, who wants to wake up and have to deal with morning breath?

The common solutions are good dental hygiene and dental care. If the bad breath is caused by illness or taking medication, there is not much one can do except to use these methods.

What cause bad breath is sometimes visible. Get a mirror and take a look inside your mouth. At the back of the tongue, there might be a white film covering it. That is bad bacteria which are known as Volatile Sulfuric Compounds.

Bacteria goes through its life cycle which is to eat, reproduce, and excrete waste. Now, here is the abhorrent fact. The white stuff that is on the tongue is the waste product of the bad bacteria.

Note that the smell of bad breath smells sometimes like rotten eggs. That’s the odor of the sulfur. These bad bacteria exist and thrive to cause bad breath.

How to have sweet smelling breath is to reduce the presence of the bad bacteria in the oral cavity. Using a tongue scraper, gargling, rinsing, and brushing 3 times a day is good oral hygiene. One can use a water pick and floss well to make the environment more sanitary so that the bacteria won’t thrive.

Get Kissable Breath

Have kissable breath all the time by targeting the root cause of bad breath.

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