What Food Makes Us Happy?

Scientifically proven, there are quite a lot of food items that we can consume to make us boost our mood.

The food items that can make us feel happier are dark chocolate, apples, bananas, berries, oranges, oysters, salmon, turmeric, spinach, mushrooms, beans, walnuts,  and eggs.

Though eating dark chocolate makes us happy, the effects are but temporary. Most chocolate contains sugar and as we eat it, we get that rush.

Do you want to happy and become healthier? Your answer must be ‘yes’ as no one wants to be unhappy and not healthy, right? Eating healthy food makes the difference to the way we feel and even how we look. It makes a difference in our lives.

Choosing the right kind of food and beverages are decisions that we must do daily, with every meal and each intake.

Though we may not be that disciplined all the time, we must keep in mind that the fat from meat does not get flushed out though we may workout, it still gets stored in our cells and goes through our arteries, and ultimately, will clog it.

As an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and no one wants to go through the pain and suffering, not to mention the expense treatment from having heart disease, diabetes, and other health concerns – and happiness does come about from making healthy food choices.

This we may notice from those who have a yoga lifestyle and from vegetarians, the happiness comes about because of their food choices. Note that in their way of life, they avoid the intake of meat does get us grounded, and there are many health concerns that arise from eating a lot of fatty meat, such as pork.

Yet, we repeatedly making the wrong food and beverage choices. The factors that influence our decision may be an excuse as we allow our cravings to control us.

We know that an extra cup of coffee does make us feel nervous and also makes us have difficulty sleeping. We know that the sugar we take in may give us diabetes and that when it happens, there is no cure. We have been drilled with what makes up a balanced diet since the time we were young.

To become stronger and get to easily say ‘no’ to unhealthy food, we can break it down, making the decision that brings about better health with every meal that we partake, and with each beverage that we drink.

Happiness and good health go hand in hand. Make the healthy food and beverage choices as often as you can.

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