What is a Douche

A Douche is a liquid cleanser for sensitive body areas, such as a woman’s vagina. It is sometimes referred to as a vaginal rinse or vaginal irrigation. Douching makes use of either plain water or a solution of water mixed with cleansing fluids such as vinegar. The douche liquid solution is usually squirted into the area to be cleaned up or rinsed using a douche bag. The process of douching is also applied on cleaning wounds or other clinical reasons.

There are many ready to use douches for personal hygiene in the market today. These items can be bought over the counter. It is important for women to douche before and after menstrual periods. It is best done daily, in other words. Some women rely on douches to wipe out semen remnants after a sexual intercourse. However, there is no guarantee that this process works for birth control. In fact, the rinsing may even push forward the semen into the vagina.
Despite the known cleansing effects of douches, some doctors recommend against the use of artificial solution for vaginal cleaning. After all, the vagina cleans itself in a natural process. If the vagina is emitting unpleasant odors, some doctors recommend medical treatment against douching. Some doctors believe that artificial cleansers may disrupt the chemical and bacterial balance in the vagina. In some bad cases, vaginal infections that do not receive proper medical attention may travel up to the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Women are asked to use their judgment carefully in choosing douching products and consulting doctors in case of infections.

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