What is a Quiff

A quiff is a hairstyle that was popularized in the 1950s. To make a quiff, the hair is fancily shaped into a big somewhat puffy curve just above the forehead, while it is smoothened on both sides. Elvis Presley as well as the Beatles have immensely popularized this hairstyle. The quiff has been innovated many times in the past generations, and it is still seen today usually in glossy fashion magazines. Both men and women may fancy wearing a quaff every now and then for different reasons and occasions.

The quiff has come to carry with it a sense of rock and roll, thanks to rock artists proudly wearing it, but in the fashion industry, it also expresses posh and elegance. The Beatles in their earliest stages show the young musicians sporting classic quiff hairstyles.

To style a quiff, one needs an immense amount of hair products. One should always have a hairspray, gel or pomade, hair mousse, a comb, and a blow dryer. First, slightly damp the hair, then apply mousse thoroughly. Next, pull some portion of the hair up into a fancy curve and secure it with hairspray. Then comb the sides neatly for a greased look. Hold the strands in place with gel or hairspray. For effects, tease some strands or the bangs to achieve a good volume.

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