What is Aloe

The extract of the luscious Aloe Vera plant is commonly referred to as Aloe. This extract is essential in making all sorts of products for cosmetics and healing purposes. Aloe is always present in sun protection creams or body sprays. Studies have shown that Aloe aids the healing process of sunburns. In fact, in case of bad sunburns, one can just get a stalk of the Aloe Vera plant, bend it open, and rub the cross section part to spread the extract on affected areas. Balms, lotion and even skin ointments for rashes, cuts and burns also contain Aloe. When troubled with indigestion, Aloe can also help.

It is great to have Aloe in one’s medicine cabinet, just as it would also do well by the vanity mirror. It has been extensively studied and proven that Aloe Vera has Beta-sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory chemical that does great in healing skin conditions from practically all possible causes, like insect bites, allergies, or sunburns. There are several aloe products on the market today, StriaFade is a popular one that both protects and repairs your skin naturally with Aloe.

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When applied with salicylic acid, Aloe hastens the healing process of all degrees of burns. Hence, burn wards of hospitals all over the world count on Aloe to help burn patients.

Aloe Vera is part of the Lily family, so it is also known as “Lily of the Desert.” It grows in many parts of the world, including Africa, the Caribbean and Central America. There are varieties that can be kept as backyard plant.

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