What is an Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a battery-operated device that resembles a regular cigarette and even tastes and smells like one. Unlike the normal cigarette however, e-cigarette does not burn tobacco. Thus, no smoke is produced when using electronic cigarette, only a smoke-like vapor from a mixture that contains water, flavoring, and e-liquid nicotine among others.

So how does electronic cigarette work? The mechanism of e-cigarette smoking is made possible through its three foremost components; the mouthpiece where the cartridge can be found, the rechargeable battery, and then the atomizer. Some newer designs contain only 2 main components, the battery and a cartridge and disposable atomizer combination, also referred to as a cartomizer.

The cartridge is the cup-like plastic found in the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette where e-liquid containing the nicotine is held. As you puff on the electronic cigarette, the nicotine e-liquid is turned into a vapor. When the e-liquid nicotine cartridge is consumed, the cartridge can be refilled or replaced. You can purchase E-cigarette replacement cartridges or bulk e-liquid for refillable cartridges online, see the link below.

Electronic cigarette cartridges come in various flavors including tobacco blends, menthol, mint, vanilla, coffee, cherry, chocolate and clove flavors to name some. The flavors will vary between brands, and some companies offer many more exotic flavors. E-cigarettes users can also choose the strength of the nicotine solution when purchasing refillable cartridges. The nicotine strength can range from zero to high level with a varying levels of “throat hits” depending on the nicotine strength.

The atomizer or the heating component is responsible for vaporizing the nicotine e-liquid. Heating the solution simulates a smoke-like vapor, which is then inhaled. In some e-cigarettes, atomizers are activated through automatic sensor that triggers as you puff, while others e cigs have a manual press button to activate the atomizer as you puff. In most cases, the atomizer can be used for approximately three to six months however its lifespan can also be extended if proper care and cleaning is observed.

The e-cigarette is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charging of the battery can be done using USB charger or other available types of battery adapters for wall outlets. When it comes to the battery, there are various factors that can affect its shelf-life such as battery size, battery type, and on how frequent the battery is used. E-cigarette owners can also choose what type of battery to utilize, whether automatic or manual batteries.

Automatic batteries are not that difficult to use and can even be placed inside the pocket. The downside however is that unintentional activation sometimes occurs when the weather is windy. Manual batteries on the other hand can be used even in a windy environment. Either type however, would benefit from being placed inside a case to avoid accidental activation of the device, as this may not be the only thing you have shuffling around in your pocket. Of the two, the automatic battery is more popular.

An LED lights up at the tip of e-cigarettes when you begin to puff so you know the atomizer is activated. This LED light adds to the realistic look and feel of the electronic cigarettes, and also doubles as a battery charge indicator. The LED lights glow intensifies with the strength of your puff, and will start to blink instead if your battery needs to be recharged.

E-cigarettes are manufactured in several designs. Among the popular designs are the traditional cigarette design and the longer pen-style, with a similar look to the vintage 50’s style black cigarette holders used by umbrella girls. This device also comes with reusable and replaceable accessories, like cases and on-the-go charging packs.

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