What is Black Jack?

Black Jack can be played at casino or with friends. Black Jack pay outs one and a half of your bet. There is no commission gathered by the casino when the hand is won.

The game is to be played with a dealer. Normally, the casino is the dealer. It can waive the dealership and give the player the dealership.

The game rule is nearest to 21. Black Jack can be played with either one deck or five decks. There are assigned numbers to some of the cards. The face cards which are jack, queen, king is valued at 10. All others are valued at the same except for the ace which can either be 1 or 11.

For example: 7 and 7 is 14. Ace and 8 is equal to 9 or 19. King and 6 is equal to 16. An ace and a King is equal to 21 or 11, but since the game rule is nearest to 21, the choice of the ace equivalent must be 11 with these kind of hands.

The player can make his bet based on the two cards he would be dealt with and two cards for the dealer. One of the dealer’s card is shown while the other one is face down. The cards of the dealer will not be revealed until you decide to play the hand you are holding or the dealer loses his hand.

The player has the option to hit but the dealer must stay at 17. The player can hit as much number of cards he wants but once it exceeds 21, the player loses the game.

If the player by hitting within five cards and the total does not exceed 21, he wins. If the total of any either the player or the dealer surpasses 21, either the player or the dealer loses.

If the player will have ace and a face card, that’s called a black jack. In the event a player will have two cards of the same numbers, he can have the option to split said two cards.

Black Jack terms:

Busted. When the total of your cards is over 21.
Hit. To get another card.
Split. Two cards with the same value.
Double. When your cards total to is eleven, you can double your bet.
Stay/Stand. If you don’t want to hit.
Insurance. When one of the cards of the dealer upon opening is an ace, the player can bet an insurance equivalent to the amount the bets to cover that in the event that the dealer gets a face card. If the dealer does not get a face card, the insurance money is forfeited.

You can play Black Jack. All that you need to do is add the numbers of the cards according to their assigned values. The decisions you have to make are whether to hit, stand, split the cards, double the bet, or get insurance.

Ask someone that you know to have a friendly game or go to real casino or an online casino to play Black Jack using this guide.

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