What is Blush

Blush is the cosmetics used over the cheekbones to add color and radiance to one’s face. Blush, also known to women as “blush on” is available in many forms, but is commonly used by the average woman in its pressed or powdered form. Men in the entertainment industry wear blush, but an average man might be advised to apply some blush for photography purposes or to avoid looking colorless and pale in videos or photos. The blush is also applied on the forehead, nose, and chin to enhance one’s skin tone.

The blush is carefully applied using a cosmetics brush to enhance one’s skin tone and facial features. With the right strokes and shading, a good blush on can make one’s nose look narrower or more proportionate to the shape and size of face. The blush is presumed to have come from Egypt, where several other cosmetics started.

Mulberries, beet juice, or strawberries and safe organic ingredients were used to make the blush before 18th century, after which some not so harmless chemicals and substances were added into the mix. For instance, some blush manufacturers use mercury and lead as blush ingredients. Some blush are not hypo allergenic so for those with sensitive skin, it is best to consult a dermatologist before sticking to a preferred and safe blush brand.

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For the purpose of having a wider looking face, look straight into a mirror and apply blush heavily from the middle of the eyes, brushing up to the temple. Then apply lightly over the cheekbone areas. For a smaller looking face, apply a dark shade of blush by the hairline and outer edges of the face.

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