What is Cellulite

Paparazzi photos of celebrities who are having a bad case of cellulite marks in their body get so much attention in the entertainment industry. After all, the industry still believes that skinny is gorgeous and fats, especially when they are dimpling their way on one’s skin, is unattractive and even scandalous. To get rid of cellulite there is various lotion creams like
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The cellulite is a collection of fat deposits that becomes easily obvious on the naked eye because it creates a lot of dimples on a person’s skins, especially around the thigh and belly areas. The cellulite is collected and deposited in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. The subcutaneous layer contains bands of connective tissues. When fat and fluids collect under this layer, it thickens and hardens, giving the fat deposits a dimpled appearance on the outer skin. Sometimes it is referred to as “cottage cheese,” in reference to its appearance. Try pinching your skin on your tummy or your thigh. If it is dimpled or lumpy when you pinch it, you probably have cellulite.

The cellulite is different from regular body fat. Body fat generally covers the body in a thin, even layer. Cellulite is lumpy and only deposits itself in specific areas, for instance, around the thighs, buttocks, breasts and abdomen. Even supposedly thin people can be affected by cellulite, hence their bodies do not appear toned. If you have the “cellulite gene,” you can expect to carry cellulite under your skin.

In obsession to get rid of cellulites, many people use creams, medications, and spa treatments available, as long as it claims to reduce cellulite. Some others resort to liposuction and mesotherapy, but these are very expensive and do not remove cellulite permanently. The general tip among experts is that only proper diet and exercise could remove the nasty appearance of cellulite. With a balanced food and active lifestyle, the fat deposits are burned and released as energy instead.

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  1. Good day…Most of the woman complaining about their problems on cellulite build up. While reading this article it give me a idea on how to avoid and prevent it. By way of proper foods and diet. Thanks for posting such a wonderful idea.

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