What is Lip Tint

A lip tint, which is also known as lip stain, is a general term used to refer to cosmetic products for lip coloring. It is applied to the lips to enhance its natural color or to play with a combination of hues on the face. Since the lip color technically stains the lips, the lip tint is sometimes called the lip stain. Some people apply lip gloss on top of lip tint for a posh effect.

The lip gloss, however, is sometimes called lip tint, too. The lip tint then covers pretty much anything that puts on a light shade or gloss on the lips. A lip tint typically comes in squeeze tubes, but it also comes in twist up tubes, like most lipsticks do. In contrast, the more popular lipstick is used for heavier shades of lip coloring. The lip tint may contain special ingredients like sunscreen and lip moisturizing effects. Some even render to lips a minty scent, which also acts as a breath freshener.

The lip tint is sometimes used as a “cheek tint” as well. Women who know how to maximize each piece of cosmetics use their lip tint as their blush on, too. It is not advisable to do this if you are not familiar with the right finger strokes for a blushed effect. The lip tint is a must have for cosmetics users who fancy using lip liners. A lip liner paints on the edges or framework of the lips, and its colors last longer than ordinary lipstick. With a lip tint, the shading balance of the lip liner and lip tint remains even, because both cosmetics stain in the same degree, which is longer lasting than ordinary lipsticks.

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