What is Nail Art

Nail art is the carrying out of nail painting as fun accessories for your fingernails and toenails. Instead of using only a solid color of nail polish as part of your nail care, nail art plays with imagination and applies creative designs on your nails. In other words, nail art combines nail care and nail accessorizing. Women and children appreciate nail art, while the men usually just stick to a clear nail polish at maximum nail care level.

The art of accessorizing your nails with tiny colorful designs is very common in Asian countries like South Korea and Japan. They have bedazzled nails, floral nails, or even rainbow nails. Some women go to as far as matching their nail art with their clothing for a complete overall fashion statement. Nail art also submits to event themes, as in beach weddings, swimming parties and product launches, to name a few.

Proper nail care requires you to make sure that your nails are clean and properly trimmed before nail art application. The nail art should not be left on the nails for anywhere longer than 3 days to avoid even slight nail stress. It is best to ask professionals to put nail art on your nails to save time and avoid rookie mistakes. However, if you want to learn, there are online videos that can guide you. Follow instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary problems on your nails.

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