What is the Best Ab Work Out Machine?

If you are having difficulty deciding which is the best ab work out machine to buy, here is quick guide to the design, features and price of the 4 most popular ab work out machines for you to be able to decide what is best suited for your needs and budget:

Ab Circle Pro

What is the Best Ab Work Out Machine?The Ab Circle Pro has a totally unique design that gets you off the floor with it’s patented Friction Free Track which allows you to simultaneously work out the upper and lower body while doing circling to the left and to the right for the complete abdominal routine that targets the upper, lower, and middle abs plus the obliques with the intensified the treadmill principle this machine applies. The Ab Circle Pro can be adjust to 3 various resistance levels and can be folded up for storage. The daily work out routine will take around 3 minutes. Currently, there is 30-day free trial offer and what is included in the package will be the Ab Circle Pro, an owner’s manual, a nutritional guide and the work out DVD. Available in a 5 easy payments of $39.95 or total cost of $200. Shipping and handling fees are not included.

Ab Coaster

What is the Best Ab Work Out Machine?With a biometric design, the natural arch motion encouraged by the Ab Coaster machine with it’s bottom up smooth motion that will make the work out session continuously contract the core abdominal muscles while using this track machine. The Ab Coaster has a digital counter that keeps track of the workout. It can support up to 350 pounds and is made from high quality steel with rails, bearings, nylon rollers and molded foam pads. When you order this home gym machine, you will also get an exercise plan, a fast track meal plan and the work out DVD. It cost nearly $250 and can be paid in 5 installments of $49.99 plus shipping and handling.

Ab Flyer

What is the Best Ab Work Out Machine?The Ab Flyer will make you glide while in a kneeling position to do abdominal crunches. It works directly on the abdominal core and the swinging motion created while holding on to the handles removes the strain from the neck and shoulder area unlike that required by traditional crunches. While you are swing on it, the abdominal muscle groups from the front, back, and sides will get worked out and burn the excess fat. The Ab Flyer has a digital counter and can be folded away for storage. It costs $119.85 plus shipping and handling and there is an option to avail of the 3 payment scheme of $39.95.

Ab Rocket

What is the Best Ab Work Out Machine?The Ab Rocket supports the neck and back while doing traditional crunches and it has beginner, intermediate and advance resistance levels to give the work out the intensity desired. It will tone the abdominal muscles while getting rid of belly fat. The rolling cushions help massage the body as the routine crunch, reverse crunch and side oblique crunches is performed to encourage blood circulation. The daily work out routine will take around 5 minutes. Aside from being used to execute crunches, it may be used for pilates exercises. There is an optional Flex Master accessory that is place underneath the Ab Rocket seat for it to be used to work out the upper and lower body. There is a 30-day free trial offer and the complete package includes a work out DVD and a low-calorie meal plan. The Ab Rocket can be bought in 3 installment payments of $39.95 or a total of about $120 plus shipping and handling.

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