What’s the Best Quick Change Drill Bits?

The drill is probably one of the most versatile tools you can own. It can change roles by changing the bit. You can use it to drill access holes, pilot holes, as a screw driver, and to mix stuff like paint. This can all be accomplished by just switching the drill bit. If you have done this before, you know that it can be a bit of a challenge and might slow down the work process. There are a number of ways to quickly change drill bits.

Quick Change Drill Bits

There was once a quick change drill bit/driver bit that was slipped over the driver bit when it was still in the drill. It had a red plastic ring. This was located at the base of the 3 prongs to lock it in place. The minor problem with this that it was a bit wiggly but it did faciliate making changing drill bits quicker and easier. This old model is no longer in the market.

What you typically find nowadays is a flip kind of driver. One side has a driver and the other has a drill/countersink. There are some drills that have a quick change hex drive that have have a few flippers. There are a few accessory bits sets that are ideal for power drills and can be used for screwdrivers that have a quick change style chuck, a hex adapter, magnetic hex extensions, and bit holders. Standard hex shanks fits nearly all power bit quick change chunks.

Out of all of these quick change drill bits, the flip kind of driver was the one that was most sought after by professionals as it does help enormously in changing the drill bits. But, there is a new kind of quick change drill bits set that is more versatile.

The Fastest Way

With this new kind of tool accessory, all you have to do is choose two different sized bits and flip the pivot arm. It has a swivel heat that flips and locks. Now, that greatly reduces the number of movements you have to do to change a drill bit as you are prepared with 2 different kinds right away. The combinations you can create are from phillips to flat, from drilling to driving, or any other that you need.

This quick change drill bits set includes the drill driver body, phillips head adapeters, flat head adapters, and drill bits in a special carrying case. If you no longer want to bother midway through a task and need to be ready to switch drill bits right away, the flipping capability of the Half Time Drill Driver is what you need.

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  1. From what you’re stating, its easier to use quick change drill bits as long as it has slip-resistant plastic caps at the end. Do you still have to unplug the drill prior to switching bits?

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