Why Harry Potter is Better Than Twilight

Wondering why Harry Potter is better than Twilight? Potterheads all say that it is. Here are the reasons why people think that Harry Potter is just plain awesomer than Twilight.

Harry Potter taught that despite that you loved one left, as Hermione displayed, you should still be strong, whereas Twilight shows that you should jump of a cliff. Most of the girls in Harry Potter are strong, brave, and confident while Twilight says you need a guy to make you feel good and safe.

Basically the idea of wanting someone to turn you into an immortal that needs blood to survive, doesn’t sleep, cold ALL THE TIME, and sparkles isn’t the best way to live life. Yet, when you’re a wizard or witch and get to cast spells and charms and do all sorts of fun things, this is a much better way of life better than sucking out a person’s blood until they die.

Harry Potter is a boy whose parents died for him. Edward Cullen is just a kid who turned into a sparkly vampire. Harry Potter had to save both the wizard AND muggle world from the most evil wizard of all time, while Bella was just a needy teenage girl with no proper personality whatsoever.

Harry Potter also had a better storyline than Twilight. Harry Potter showed that true friendship goes a long way. Harry Potter is funny. All Bella thinks about is Edward. Harry Potter teaches that you shouldn’t ever give up on your loved ones and that how you would die for them. Bella decides to kill herself.

So all in all, Harry Potter teaches good lessons, fun, and happiness that can be found even in the darkest of times if you just switch on the light.

For Parents: Monitoring what your children watch and read is important. They learn from these things and will have to know what the difference is between what should be done and not. Their young minds are easily influenced, and caution is necessary. Sometimes, children will be so enthusiastic about a book or a film that the characters become real to them. They might copy what they see. What are your children reading and watching? Who do they idolize and mimic in their lives?

Note: Please bear in mind that this article states only the opinion of the writer and what is written is not based on any statistical data. There is no offense meant to Twilight fans and none should be taken because the writer simply prefers Harry Potter. For those who might get affronted if someone thinks that Harry Potter is better than Twilight, there are no bad intentions meant – it’s just that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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