Why is My Computer Running Slow?

Why is My Computer Running Slow?The problem of a computer running slow will be because of a hardware or software issue. It is possible to resolve any issues by taking the time to check the computer and fix the specific problem. To solve the various problems of why your computer is running slow, here are the things you can do:

Defragment the hard drive. Defragmenting will place the files in one area and speed up the hard drive access to these files.

Do a scandisk. Check and repair the file systems and bad clusters in the hard drive by using this tool.

Uninstall programs. Remove the programs that may not be compatible with your operating system or those that you do not use. After uninstalling, there may be a folder left behind and this can be removed by going to the install location and by deleting any folders left by the specific program.

Turn off applications. Maybe there are a lot of programs running at the same time and these will use up a lot of memory. Turn off the unnecessary applications. Add on more memory if needed.

Update software. Oftentimes, software updates fix bugs and issues. Having the latest software version will make the application run faster.

Run the anti-virus. Do a full anti-virus scan as spyware, viruses and malware may have infected your computer. Make sure that the anti-virus program you are using is updated regularly to protect your computer.

Why is My Computer Running Slow?Clean up the computer. Delete temporary files, empty the recyle bin, do a disk clean up, and clear the cache. Get rid or store on a flash drive videos, music and files to lessen the load of the hard disk.

Remove toolbars, add-on, and extensions. These may help make browsing the internet easier or make you use a certain software with just one click. If you don’t need it, take it out as they can be the reasons why the computer is running slow.

Clean the registry. The registry is filled with information that the computer needs to run applications and programs. These can become corrupted, obsolete, or maybe no longer in use and have to be clean up.

To clean the registry requires the use of a software program. One of the most comprehensive and efficient registry cleaners that will locate the files and remove them to make your computer run faster is a registry scan or registry repair software.

To know what to optimize or register the software to optimize you slow computer to make it faster go run a free scan of your computer at RegGenie

Prevent your computer from running slow by do these steps regularly.

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