Why is My Grass Dead?

Why is My Grass Dead?The way dead grass looks varies and by carefully observing it will help you assess the reasons why your grass is dead. Walk around the lawn or take a picture of the dead grass areas so you will be able to study it and decide what to do. Here are the tell-tale signs to look for and how to get rid of dead grass:

Dead grass circles with healthy grass around it indicate that the culprit is a dog. Dogs frequently pee on grass and they prefer to do it in the same spot. Since their urine is high in nitrogen, this will cause leaf burn and the nitrogen content will kill the grass. Deep water the area at least 4 times to wash away the pee and reseed.

Brown patches that spread out in a circular pattern are caused by a fungal disease. To treat the area, use fungicide such as benomyl, and chlorothalonil or make a mixture of 1/4 cup baking soda dissolve in a gallon of water to drench the area. Maintain your lawn by taking out the weeds and having a regular fertilizing schedule.

Why is My Grass Dead?Small silver dollar-shaped dead grass is common during humid weather. Remove these thatches, aerate and fertilize the lawn regularly, and deep water 3 times a week.

Dead grass circles filled with live green grass are called fairy rings. These commonly occur in areas that have tree stumps or wood debris. Aerate the area, remove the thatch removed, and reseed.

If there is a trail of dead grass, that means certain insects have been making their way around your garden. Treat with an organic insecticide and do the deep watering techniques. If possible, find the insects nesting area and eliminate them.

If the dead grass can be pulled out easily in large patches, there are grubs. These patches have to be removed and the area treated with fungicide. When there are no longer any signs of these pests, reseed.

If the area is sloped or the ground is not level, it is because of lack of water. The only way to deal with it is to deeply water more often. If the entire lawn is dead, it may be due to drought conditions or a cold spell. If spring comes and the lawn does not revive, aerate the lawn and reseed.

Over-compacted soil is a primary reason why there is dead grass and the solution is to aerate the lawn regularly. The large roots of other plants like trees might be cause of the dead grass, and adding a thick layer of topsoil and reseeding will turn the area green again.

When there widespread dead grass shortly after mowing, it is the mowing that has made the grass suffer. After mowing, remove grass clippings and discard or make into compost as when these are left on the lawn, the air circulation gets cut off. Dull mower blades rip the grass leaves and the jagged edges will get leaf scorch and make it highly susceptible to fungal disease. Only cut of 1/3 of the grass when mowing to ensure that there is enough grass blades for photosynthesis to occur.

Why is My Grass Dead?If you live in an area that has mild weather throughout the year, the lawn may be reseeded anytime. For areas that have the four seasons, or to eliminate the necessity of having to place seeding soil or a compost mix to the bare or thinning areas, you may reseed with the use of a grass that is drought-resistant and winter hardy, and comes with a complete mix of vermiculite, that works as the growing medium, fertilizer and seed. To be able to easily reseed a lawn anytime, use Canada Green Grass which can be grown practically anywhere, even on cement.

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