Why is My Grass Yellow?

Why is My Grass Yellow?It is a sad sight to see when the green carpet lawn grass has areas that are yellow. Maybe it is because the season is changing and the grass is ready to get dormant. Warm-season lawn grass gets dormant during the late fall or early winter months while cool-season lawn grass fade and turn yellow in summertime. If this is the reason why your grass is yellow, reseed with another type of grass or use grass seeds that can endure all kinds of weather conditions.

Nutrient deficient soil is another reason why grass turns yellow. It may lack nitrogen or iron, and placing a layer of compost or fertilizing the lawn with a high nitrogen formula can correct the problem. There are some instance that certain liquids such as gasoline has spilled on the lawn and the only way to treat this is by flushing out the area with water and reseeding. An insect infestation can also turn grass yellow and these may be eliminated using insecticide, and then the patches need to be reseeded. Mowing can also turn the grass yellow before it eventually turns brown. A lawn can get ruined because the mower blades are dull or less than two-thirds of the grass leaves has be left and the plant can no longer get enough energy from the sun that is need in the photosynthesis process.

Why is My Grass Yellow?Yellow patch is the most prevalent of diseases that turns lawn grass into that color. Caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia cerealis rings of yellow to brown grass that looks similar to a frog eye may commonly plague Kentucky blue grass when the climate is wet and the temperatures are cool. The fungus Magnaporthe poae causes Summer Patch that can also occur in Kentucky bluegrass, and these yellow patches appear during the hottest part of summer. Another kind of yellow patch will turn into cotton-like mold which appears after the snow has melted is caused by the Fusarium Patch fungus. Other types of fungal disease can inflict lawn and at the earlier stages turn it yellow then brown. There is not much that can be done when your lawn is has any fungal disease aside from taking out the patch and reseeding the lawn. Keep in mind that fungal diseases spread and can kill the entire lawn.

To reseed a lawn can be done the easy way by using grass seeds that come with the growing medium and fertilizer. These type of grass seeds are of a stronger strain of grass that isWhy is My Grass Yellow? disease resistant, winter hardy, and can survive drought conditions. Canada Green Grass is the latest kind of lawn grass seed that has been developed to grow well even if the lawn is subjected to foot traffic and can be used to grow grass practically anywhere, even on cement. By scattering these seeds on the lawn areas that need to be patched up, your lawn can regain its green carpet appearance.

Choose the type of grass seeds that are resistant to most kinds of fungal diseases and keep your lawn green and healthy by properly maintaining it.

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